What do participants say about “Training from the BACK of the Room! – Virtual Edition”?

“Training from the BACK of the Room!” had already been helpful to me for more than three years. Although a lot of the material was already known to me, I gained a new level of insight in the various ideas behind the approach introduced in “Training from the BACK of the Room!”.
Regardless of your experience, I would recommend this training to anyone that has to teach people new ideas. For experienced trainers, the workshop is humbling in the sense that you experience what your learners experience in your class.

Marijn Huizendveld

The TBR-VE workshop brings the great ideas from Training from the Back of the Room and shows how these approaches are applicable to empower participants to create great remote learning.
The TBR-VE experience is participatory, immersive, engaging and good fun.

Shane Hastie

This training course explains and lets you practice what makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence in designing and delivering coaching and learning sessions – regardless of the subject.”

Marco Consolaro

As a newbie in the training sector, I have discovered the 4Cs map method for the first time in this course and it was a blast. The approach is so flexible that any trainer can use it no matter the subject and the seniority level.
I was personally able to test the whole method at work while the course was still going on because you are given loads of tools and tips that you can use straight away from day 1.
Teri has been amazing in training us from the back of the zoom room through a powerful mix of activities and online tools, and the fact that you are part of a group where your fellow learners are trainers in all sorts of fields makes the whole experience brain-challenging, engaging and entertaining at the same time.
This is a must-do for teachers and trainers who want to make the difference in their learners’ journey.

Michela Sammarone

What do participants say about “Training from the BACK of the Room!”?

It’s a must-do for anyone involved in teaching, training or coaching.

Giovanni Melis – Senior Scrum Master

Very useful training for people (even for novice trainers) who want to approach an effective method to train others (in pull-style).

Fabiana Palu – Founder

Be prepared to be trained as you should really train others and leave space for a lot of “a-ha” moments.

Marco Zanconi – Scrum Master and Agile Coach

It’s a mandatory workshop for whoever is involved in training.

Hoang Huynh – Head of Service Design and UX Design, Exage SPA

Interesting course full of ideas and tools that can change the way you teach.

Emanuele DelBono – Software Developer, Codiceplastico

Training from the BACK of the room provides awesome tools to enable a shift in teaching style: from ‘against the brain’ to ‘brain friendly’.

Alberto Brandolini – CEO and Founder of Avanscoperta